This is the online faq site which is made by independent friends who try to get their take in the world. We are not working for profit, but rather we just try to present some interesting things that can be in interest to general public. We do this in our free time, so we are not sure how long will our project hold. This is in order to make something of ourselves and to contribute something to this great society which taught us a lot about showing relevant facts to the people. I hope you enjoy your stay on our site!


Who are we?

Mike Tucson, Elenora Alarez and Phyntia Solix. We are a group of friends who just want to be heard in this world. This blog is also our asset in health industry where we want to establish a company for liver cleansing and spiritual excercises. We will let you know when this happens.

We call this the truth project – speaking ourselves out and telling only what we believe are complete truths.