A story about the help of the sleeping pills

Following is the story written by a man who has been having sleeping problems. It confirms the recent fact that they are not that dangerous.
It was in the fall of 2003 when I lost 100 percent of the feeling in both feet. It took no more than five seconds to go from “normal,” to having no feeling in my feet. The experience was terrifying!

Over the course of the next few years, the numbness traveled up my legs. In advance of the numbness was incredible pain. It became more difficult to walk; and, sleeping was almost impossible because of the pain.

Doctor Stephen Barrett of Phoenix, AZ,informed me that surgery would make a difference and that a return of about 20%-86% of the feeling in the feet is considered to be successful.


In August and November 2006, I underwent nerve decompression surgery under the skillful hands of Dr. Barrett Soon after waking up in post-op, Dr. Barrett informed me that my right leg was much worse than my left leg. My condition was the worst the doctor has ever seen. Dr. Barrett informed me that based on over 2,000 surgical procedures performed before, I had perhaps two months before both legs would have had to be amputated, if I did not have the surgery.

By August 2007, I was at that projected 80 to 85% recovery of normal. Nerve regeneration in my feet and legs had stopped in March 2007. It was at that time that I started on a regimen of sle. I ping peel two ounces of sleeping pill twice a day. By the second day, I began to experience a regeneration of the nerves in my feet and legs.

I have been taking one to four ounces of sleeping pills a day since March 2007, and now have about 95%+ of the feeling in my right foot and leg and about 90 %+ of the feeling back in my left foot and leg.

It doesn’t end there! I am not much of a sleeper, getting an average of three to four hours of sleep each night, even with the assistance of pharmaceutical sleep aids. T

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