A bit about scenar

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the name of the device – Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adapting Regulator or short-pulse electric neuroadaptive reflexological therapeutic stimulator. Scenar is a neuro-adapting energy that turns on the brain to do what is should do – heal the body. The brain is the supreme coordinator of all healing. It controls the meridians; it controls the immune system, and the hormonal systems. Failing to heal is a brain that is stuck in a phase lock loop. Quite simply, the signals from the damaged tissue are not being recognized. Scenar reactivates the brain. When used as an Electro acupuncture therapy, you can deliver signals more precisely to target tissues.

Scenar therapy optimises the central nervous system. This includes different aspects of the brain and the peripheral nervous system – i.e. the nerves leaving the spine. If glands are not receiving nervous signals their ability to regulate physiology will be impeded. Meta-Medicine alsorecognises it is the brain that sends signals to heal.

EAV allows the brain to be assessed in a way that is unique. An aspect of the central nervous system that is vital is the autonomic nervous system (neurovegetative). EAV allows an assessment of all branches of this vital system through acupoints that German scientists found correlated with specific anatomy. Scenar optimises nervous functioning

One can examine all the great healing systems – herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy, chiropractic, etc., but the fact of the matter is, if the brain is blocked, almost any healing force will not be successful. The brain regulates the nerve force, the meridian system (wireless anatomy), as well as the neuroimmunological functions through neurohormones and neuropeptides. The hypothalamus is a key conduit for the meridian system. Along with scenar┬átuning forks can help balance the hypothalamus.

SCENAR impulse therapy produces an electric tidal wave of neurological energy that activates pathology into a neurovegetative as well as immune response. There is no negative impact and the effect of action remains for quite a long time after the treatment has been applied. One single treatment can start a cascade of healing that goes on for weeks, even months. The recovery is provided due to restoration and harmonization of the inherent body reserves but not by suppressing defence and adapting mechanisms of the body that mostly results in more severe forms of diseases or lingering course of the basic disorder. Allopathic drugs generally provide no restoration and harmonization, rather it suppresses the body, perpetuates the disease, and causes a cascade of further degenerative functions that ultimately lead to chronic degenerative (iatrogenic) disease.

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