Breathwork – Rebirthing

Would you like to regain that spontaneity and flow you had as a child? Do you have a tendency to dwell on issues which you know are fundamentally trivial? Do you feel that something is definitely not right but can’t put your finger on it? Would you like to release emotional stress? Conscious connected breathing will definitely help.


Transformational Breathwork is a technique which stems from age old yogic tradition. The breathwork allows one to release chronic emotional blocks. Certain traumas from infancy lead to a state of emotional/muscular contraction. Over time this leads to all sorts of problems. Breathwork (rebirthing)will undo the imprints of these traumas.

Holotropic breathwork is an expression used to describe this work. Holotropic – ” going towards wholeness.”

Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathing : –

  • Improves sleep
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Improves circulation / reduction in sensitivity to cold.
  • Improves respiration – gulping for air/shallow breathing
  • Improves metabolism
  • Reduces uncontrollable rage
  • Helps reduce excessive weepiness.
  • Increases vital energy – helps with fatigue
  • Permanently removes muscular tension
  • Helps shyness and fear of intimacy.
  • Releases stored trauma.

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