Taking care of your car – applying your favorite tire dressing

Although we prefer to talk about health benefits of using different medicines and how to apply healthy lifestyle, we decided to give a special attention to car tire detailing. That is because Mike is car detailer and wanted a special mention of his job here. He also helped myshinycar to write an extensial guide about that and you can find it here.


Applying tire dressing can be quite tricky. You have to first clean the tires, wait until they are dry and only then you can apply the dressing which usually last for only few weeks? Why only few weeks? Because otherwise the tire would suck up the dressing for eternity. In that way you’ll have a problem with dressing stuck up on tires. You don’t really want this. Instead you want to have them always shiny and be easy to clean off any dirt. Because then they’ll keep real cleanliness and not just the fake one. So you need to do this very often. This is why car detailing is an art by itself. You need to do it because of the growing love of the cars that is sealed deep inside you. At least, this is why I do it.


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