Great benefits of ozone therapy

What would it mean to you if a close friend was very ill?.

Maybe you have arrived at this website because you have a chronic disease. We know how frightening this can be. The first thing to do is a get an accurate diagnosis via Meta-Medicine.Ozone therapy is excellent for certain conditions. A good ozone generator is the first prerequisite for engaging with this oxygen therapy

Oxygen is the most essential element for man. Due to polluted cities and devitalized food many people lack oxygen at the cellular level, over time this leads to an accumulation of toxins with resultant congestion. Breathwork improves natural respiration helping to ensure the body has adequate oxygenation.Oxygen therapy optimises cellular metabolism and therefore augments any other treatments which are done

Ozone is a natural safe effective treatment that can improve the quality of life and even reverse chronic life threatening illnesses i.e. Certain vascular dementias and heart complaints.. Ozone therapies are also known as bio-oxidative therapies. Hydrogen peroxide is a well known one but should only be used under skilled supervision. Hyperbaric oxygenation is used in certain hospitals. This delivers oxygen under high pressure so that it reaches all parts of the body. It stimulates healing.

To augment the effectiveness of ozone one should consider bowel cleansing first.

What Ozone can do for you:

* Stimulate the immune system.

* Inactivate virus, bacteria, yeast, fungi and parasites.

* Cleans the arteries and veins, improving circulation

* Purify the blood and the lymph.

* Oxidize toxins

* Reduce pain

* Improves brain function and memory

* Chelates heavy metals, working well in conjunction with EDTA

Ozone excels with chronic infections, cardiovascular disorders and wound management. Ozone therapies are more powerful than oxygen therapies because they have a very powerful oxidising effect as well as oxygenating the system.

People ask is this oxidising effect harmful? No, as it stimulates the body to upregulate its own anti-oxidant enzyme system so paradoxically it scavenges free radicals. A diet rich in caretenoids is recommended when doing ozone therapy.

The bio-oxidative therapy known as ozone stimulates the production of stem cells from the bone marrow which is why it has a regenerative effect. RHP (recirculatory haemo perfusion) is the method known for this effect.


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