A bit about scenar

SCENAR is an abbreviation for the name of the device – Self-Controlling Energy Neuro-Adapting Regulator or short-pulse electric neuroadaptive reflexological therapeutic stimulator. Scenar is a neuro-adapting energy that turns on the brain to do what is should do – heal the body. The brain is the supreme coordinator of all healing. It controls the meridians; it controls the immune system, and the hormonal systems. Failing to heal is a brain that is stuck in a phase lock loop. Quite simply, the signals from the damaged tissue are not being recognized. Scenar reactivates the brain. When used as an Electro acupuncture therapy, you can deliver signals more precisely to target tissues. Continue reading “A bit about scenar”

Taking care of your car – applying your favorite tire dressing

Although we prefer to talk about health benefits of using different medicines and how to apply healthy lifestyle, we decided to give a special attention to car tire detailing. That is because Mike is car detailer and wanted a special mention of his job here. He also helped myshinycar to write an extensial guide about that and you can find it here.

maxresdefault Continue reading “Taking care of your car – applying your favorite tire dressing”

The Importance of Liver Cleansing

The liver is vital to life. It has a multitude of functions. Herbs can be used to optimise liver function.

Here are some of the functions of the liver.

Removing and excreting body wastes and hormones as well as drugs and other foreign substances These substances have entered the blood supply either through production by metabolism within the body or from the outside in the form of drugs or other foreign compounds. The main enzyme system in the liver is known as the p450 system. Fat soluble toxins get excreted in bile and water soluble ones are excreted via the kidneys. Certain herbs stimulate the secretion of bile. This helps with the removal of toxins. Continue reading “The Importance of Liver Cleansing”

Great benefits of ozone therapy

What would it mean to you if a close friend was very ill?.

Maybe you have arrived at this website because you have a chronic disease. We know how frightening this can be. The first thing to do is a get an accurate diagnosis via Meta-Medicine.Ozone therapy is excellent for certain conditions. A good ozone generator is the first prerequisite for engaging with this oxygen therapy Continue reading “Great benefits of ozone therapy”

A story about the help of the sleeping pills

Following is the story written by a man who has been having sleeping problems. It confirms the recent fact that they are not that dangerous.
It was in the fall of 2003 when I lost 100 percent of the feeling in both feet. It took no more than five seconds to go from “normal,” to having no feeling in my feet. The experience was terrifying! Continue reading “A story about the help of the sleeping pills”

Dangerous racing

Here we will show some serious racing accidents that happened in past years.

Nr 1: On May 20, 2001, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) driver Mike Gagliardo was killed and his competitor, Gary Longo, critically injured in a crash at the Trans-Am Series 125 at Mosport International Raceway in Ontario, Canada.

Nr 2: T-boned by Longo’s Panoz Esperante, Gagliardo’s car, an LG Motorsports Corvette, was released by the SCCA within hours of the race and transported from Mosport within 24 hours without any official release or inquiry.

Nr 3: The Gagliardo family obtained a court order and was directed to a Texas junkyard-more than 2,000 miles away-where they discovered the car’s discarded chassis. It was intentionally cut into some 125 pieces; many were less than four inches in length.

Nr 4: Racing and engineering experts reassembled the frame and determined that the LG Motorsports Corvette was underbuilt by SCCA and Trans-Am league-sanctioned safety standards.

Nr 5: As a result, the family consulted with Formula One, CART and Dale Earnhardt death investigation experts. The family’s findings revealed that the LG Motorsports Corvette did not meet the SCCA safety requirements. The car was supposed to be inspected before the now-fateful race.

Nr 6: No log book, which is supposed to contain important information about the LG Motorsports Corvette’s maintenance and race history, was ever found or presented to investigators.
Nr 7: Because of SCCA’s and Trans-Am’s failure to probe the crash and subsequent events, such as the car’s quick removal and disposal, Gagliardo’s family had to conduct their own investigation at great personal expense.
Nr 8: As a result of the Gagliardo family query, the Canadian government’s chief coroner has announced an official inquest into the racer’s death. The inquest is set to begin in September, 2002.
Nr 9: More racers-and even spectators and track crews-may be at risk of injury and even death if nothing is done.